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Zhuzhou MMM New Material Co., Ltd.

Since inception, ZHUZHOU MMM NEW MATERIAL CO., LTD. is always targeted to be an excellent supplier of cutting tools. We continuously improve product performance, product quality controls, company’s management and team building. The company has a high quality and professional technical team engaged in machinery industry for many years. On the basis of giving full play to the advantages of its technical service ability, we have been formed full range of products from blank to product, primary to high precision and so on which are including saw brazed tip, brazed tip, insert, CNC tool, tool system and solid carbide etc. At the same time, we also have ability to provide customers with customized cutting tools, design, customization and OEM services according to the actual needs of customers.


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Excellent supplier of cutting tools, complete product range and stable quality. In particular, it can provide professional technical service support to help us solve the problems that have not been solved in the tool application. I wish the company is getting better. -- James

The quality of stainless steel turning inserts exceeds expectations, 100% can replace Japanese and Korean and European famous brand products, and the price has huge advantages. Thank you. -- John