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China Sichuan keluosi Trading Co., Ltd privacy policy

We are committed to protecting the privacy, personal data and personal data (collectively referred to as "personal data") provided by you when using our website, so that we can comply with the highest standards in terms of collection, use, storage and transmission of personal data (laws and regulations related to privacy of personal data) and consumer protection To ensure that you have full confidence in our handling of personal data, you must carefully read and understand the provisions of the privacy policy


In particular, once you use our website, it will be deemed as acceptance, consent, commitment and confirmation; You disclose your personal data to us voluntarily with the required consent; You will abide by all the terms and restrictions of this privacy policy; You will register on our website, and the data will be collected; You agree to any modification of our privacy policy in the future; (You agree that our branches, subsidiaries and employees will contact you about the products and services you may be interested in (unless you have indicated that you do not want to receive such information). With your consent, we will collect, manage and monitor the types of personal data collected


(In order to provide you with our services, you need to provide personal data information, including personal data and anonymous data, including but not limited to: personal data (your name, gender, age, date of birth, telephone number, fax number, address or communication address, e-mail address).