CNMG120408PM CNC Carbide Inserts For Cast Iron High Speed Turning

Basic Information
Place of Origin: CHINA
Brand Name: MMM
Certification: ISO 9001
Model Number: CNMG120408-PM
Minimum Order Quantity: 10 PCS
Price: USD
Packaging Details: Internal Plastic Box Packaging
Delivery Time: 5-10 days
Payment Terms: L/C, T/T
Supply Ability: 1,000,000 PCS/Month
Detail Information
Material: Cemented Carbide Coating: CVD
Processing Material: ISO K, Cast Iron Application: Turning For Cast Iron
Standard: ISO Grade: MC3115
Type: CNMG120408-PM Chipbreaker: M-Level Accuracy
High Light:

cemented carbide inserts


valenite carbide inserts

Product Description

CNMG120408PM CNC Carbide Turning Inserts for Cast Iron High Speed Turning with CVD Coating





  • ISO K materials, The first choice for all types of cast iron turning.


Feature Advantage:

  • Chipbreaker:











General Turning

  • Good versatility, used in all kinds of cast iron turning.
  • Special edge treatment technology to ensure the stability of insert use.






Low Cutting Force

  • Very versatile groove type, wide cutting depth, can also be applied to the processing of a variety of materials.
  • M-class precision chipbreaker type.
  • High edge strength.
  • Applicable to occasions where the working conditions are unstable and the cutting force needs to be reduced to improve the surface quality.


  • Grades:








Equivalent Grade








TiCN & Al2O3 CVD coating

  • Combination of coating and hard matrix, good resistance to spalling.
  • It exhibits good wear resistance and impact resistance during high-speed machining, and can withstand certain intermittent cutting at medium speeds.
  • It is also highly versatile when used for milling of cast iron.





  • Types:
    • ISO standard turning inserts are available in a variety of conventional types
    • Different insert arcs of various specifications (R0.4, R0.8, R1.2, etc.)


Negative Insert







C CNMA1204 *
C CNMG1204 * -PM
C CNMA1606 *
C CNMG1606 * -PM
C CNMA1906 *
C CNMG1906 * -PM
D DNMA1104 *
D DNMG1104 * -PM
D DNMA1504 *
D DNMG1504 * -PM
D DNMA1506 *
D DNMG1506 * -PM
S SNMA1204 *
S SNMG1204 * -PM
S SNMA1506 *
S SNMG1506 * -PM
S SNMA1906 *
S SNMG1906 * -PM
T TNMA1604 *
T TNMG1604 * -PM
T TNMA2204 *
T TNMG2204 * -PM
V VNMA1604 *
V VNMG1604 * -PM
W WNMA0604 *
W WNMG0604 * -PM
W WNMG0804 * -PM


Positive Insert







C CCMT0602 * -PM
C CCMT09T3 * -PM
C CCMT1204 * -PM
D DCMT0702 * -PM
D DCMT11T3 * -PM
S SCMT09T3 * -PM
S SCMT1204 * -PM
T TCMT0902 * -PM
T TCMT1102 * -PM
T TCMT16T3 * -PM
T TCMT2204 * -PM
V VBMT1103 * -PM
V VBMT1604 * -PM
V VCMT1103 * -PM
V VCMT1604 * -PM


Technical Information:

  • Cast iron is a Fe-C alloy with a high Si content (1-3%). The carbon content exceeds 2%. Cr, Mo, V, etc. form a hardened material, which increases the strength and hardness of the material, but reduces the machinability.
  • Contrary to steel, cast iron is a short chip material with good chip control under most operating conditions.
  • Cast iron can be divided into malleable cast iron (MCI), grey cast iron (GCI), ductile iron (NCI), compacted graphite iron (CGI), austenitic ductile iron (ADI).
    • Gray cast iron and malleable cast iron are very easy to process.
      • Ductile iron, vermicular cast iron and austenitic cast iron are more difficult to machine. All SiC-containing cast irons cause significant abrasive wear on the cutting edges.
    • Gray cast iron and ductile iron, GCI & NCI:
      • Material classification: K2.x and K3.x
      • Gray cast iron and nodular cast iron are the most common types of cast iron.
      • Gray cast iron features low impact strength, good thermal conductivity and good vibration damping.
      • Ductile iron has good stiffness, good toughness, good tensile strength and poor thermal conductivity.
    • Malleable cast iron, MCI:
      • Material classification: K1.x
      • Malleable cast iron is less sensitive to cracks and has higher fracture strength and elongation.
    • Vermicular graphite cast iron, CGI:
      • Material classification: K4.x
      • Vermicular graphite cast iron can meet the ever-increasing requirements for increased strength and weight, but still maintains reasonable cutting performance.
      • Vermicular cast iron has twice the fatigue resistance of grey cast iron.
    • Austenitic ductile iron, ADI:
      • Material classification: K5.x
      • Austenitic ductile iron is a unique series of cast irons obtained by heat treatment.
      • Austenitic ductile iron has excellent strength, toughness and fatigue resistance.


Recommended Cutting Parameters:

  • The following cutting parameters are the recommended range values. Appropriate adjustments and selections should be considered after considering the following factors:
    • Specific physical properties of the material being processed
    • The actual condition of the part blank
    • Power and rigidity of the machine tool
    • Clamping rigidity of tools and workpieces
    • Balance between tool life and machining efficiency


      Feed (mm/rev)
ISO Material Hardness (HB) Speed (m/min)
K Malleable Cast Iron 130 - 230 480 - 120
K Ductile Iron 160 - 250 210 - 100



CNMG120408PM CNC Carbide Inserts For Cast Iron High Speed Turning 0




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