Production Line

1. CNC Carbide Inserts

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The company's core products, a comprehensive product line for the turning and milling of steel, cast iron, stainless steel, aluminum alloy, superalloy materials, external turning, internal hole turning, parting, grooving, thread turning, thread milling, milling, drilling, etc. Class CNC insert. OEM and non-standard insert design and production services are available.

The core production equipment is a famous European brand, guaranteeing product quality:

· Precision mold production line:

* Precision slow wire equipment

* Precision electric equipment

* Precision five-axis high-speed milling center

· Precision electric press with robot, unmanned  production

· Precision five-axis grinding center

· PVD coating furnace

· CVD coating furnace


2. Solid Carbide Cutting Tools

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The company's key products include solid carbide mills, solid carbide drills, solid carbide taps, solid carbide reamer and non-standard tools.

Carbide bar guarantee, European precision five-axis grinding center guarantees product quality and tool stability.

3. Anti-Vibration Shank for Milling, Turning, Boring

Non-standard solid carbide anti-vibration tool bar for milling and turning tools where vibration damping is required.

Carbide bar guarantee, precision thread grinding, and a highly cost-effective damping tool.

4. Tool Holding System, Tool holders & Cutters

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The core equipment is a famous European brand processing center, and the excellent heat treatment process guarantees the precision and service life of the products.

ISO standard full range of tool holding system products, and the thermal expansion tool holder is the company's main product.

The full range of ISO standard turning shanks.

The shank and milling cutter for the company's grooving, parting, threading and milling inserts.



Zhuzhou MMM New Material Co., Ltd.

1. Service
         ○ We have all the capabilities required for R&D, design, mold, production and verification of various cutting tools. We can provide customers with customized customized cutting tool products and OEM production.

2. Non-standard products such as inserts, solid carbide tools, tool holding system and OEM
        ○ Custom chip-breaker requirements for the insert.
        ○ Coating requirements for the insert.
        ○ Specific usage scenarios and requirements for the insert.
        ○ The specific use scenarios and requirements of the solid carbide tool.
        ○ Specific usage scenarios and requirements for other tools.

3. Require customers to provide requirements and information
        ○ Drawings or samples.
        ○ Information on processed materials.
        ○ Use of inserts or tools.
        ○ Performance targets for inserts or tools.
        ○ Customized chip-breaker models or collaborative designs.
        ○ Coating requirements.
        ○ Delivery time requirements.
        ○ Target price.
        ○ Other requirements.


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